TLC(温柔关爱)医疗中心是一家家族拥有的药房,自豪地为艾肯服务, 自2003年开始在SC及周边地区! TLC最初在Zoom和Richard Heaton拥有的160平方英尺的建筑里, 后来不得不搬到一个更大的设施. 还有零售药房, over the years we have added many services to continue serving our patients with the best possible care: compounded prescriptions and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for individualized care; durable medical equipment; bubble packaged medications, 药物治疗咨询, and medication synchronization to maintain medication compliance; diabetes education for patients; and immunizations to protect against influenza, 肺炎, 带状疱疹, 和更多的. 我们在这里通过我们的药房为您和您的家人提供最高质量的医疗保健. 今天就来见见我们的员工,看看我们的服务!